Top Shefs Program
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When the “Top Shefs” filter is enabled, customers will see a curated selection of high-performing shefs.

Here’s what customers see:

How are Top Shefs selected?

Top Shefs were hand-picked by our team using a set of factors to identify shefs that consistently provide high-quality meals.

Most important factors:

  1. Food Taste - A local member of the Shef team or a representative has ordered the shef’s food and determined the food to be of the highest quality.

  2. Reorder Rate - A high number of customers consistently reorder from the same shef.

  3. Ratings & Reviews - The shef has high overall ratings and positive reviews. A high percentage of customers leave reviews for the shef.

  4. Cancellation Rate - The shef cancels orders very infrequently.

Other factors:

  1. Picture Quality - The shef has clear, appetizing, and accurate photos of their dishes. The shef uses mostly their own photos and not template photos.

  2. Reasonable Pricing - Customers consistently give feedback that the shef provides great value.

  3. Packaging - The Shef uses packaging that looks neat and appealing, seals food well, and does not spill. When dishes come with multiple items, those items are clearly labeled or are bundled together neatly.

Less than 10% of shefs are currently shown as Top Shefs on the site. Contact our support team with any questions.

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