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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms with 2 billion users worldwide, making it a great place to find potential customers. Fellow shefs have had great success posting in local/community-oriented WhatsApp groups to promote their menu and share their give-get referral code. Here are some steps to promote on WhatsApp.

1. Join & Get Invited into Groups

Unlike Facebook groups, or other community platforms, WhatsApp does not have a way to search for groups to join. You have to already be in them, get invited to them, or find invite links via other platforms.

Some Tips for Finding Groups:

  • Ask family & friends to see if they're in any relevant groups they can add you to

  • Post in relevant Facebook groups, Reddit threads, etc. and ask if any groups exist for a similar topic that you should join! They may be able to share an invitation link.

  • Search on Google (e.g., “whatsapp group for homemade food,” "whatsapp group links," "whatsapp group invite")

    • Warning: Be careful where you click if you're finding links on other websites. Because they're not affiliated with WhatsApp, there's always a risk that they could lead to spam or scams. Official WhatsApp group invite links typically look like this: . Be cautious of links that look different, any that ask you to download anything or ask for personal information.

2. Promote in Groups

Now that you're in a few WhatsApp groups, it's time to share about yourself, your food, and ways to try Shef! Whatever you may be sharing, remember to include photos/videos where you can, keep it personal, and include your give-get referral code to offer new customers a discount and earn rewards for yourself! Here are a few examples of messages you can share:

Example Message 1: Share Your Menu & Specials

New dish? Seasonal special? Just want to share your menu for this week? Keep your potential customers updated on your menu and dishes from week to week to keep them engaged and excited about what's new. Make sure to highlight your unique dishes, include photos/videos if you can, and share your give-get referral code or any ongoing/special promotions you're running.


My weekly menu has been posted! I have some exciting new dishes like [INSERT DISH NAMES HERE]. See my full menu and get [INSERT DISCOUNT HERE] on delicious, homemade meals delivered to your door this week using the code [INSERT GIVE-GET REFERRAL CODE OR OTHER PROMO CODE HERE]!

Example Message 2: Share Your Story

Share your story and your passion for cooking with potential customers. By sharing your story, you can connect with your customers on a personal level, and they will be more likely to order from you. You could talk about the origin of your recipes, the ingredients you use, and your cooking techniques.


Hi everyone! I am [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE], and I am passionate about cooking delicious [INSERT CUISINE HERE] homemade food. I recently launched my food business on Shef to share my love of food with my community. I use only fresh ingredients, and all of my dishes are prepared with love. Try my food and taste the difference! [INSERT GIVE-GET REFERRAL LINK HERE]

Example Message 3: Ask for Reviews

Word-of-mouth marketing is powerful, and it can help you reach a broader audience. Ask potential customers to support you, leave reviews and share feedback on your food, and share it with their friends!


Hi everyone! I've finally launched my own food business on Shef! I cook delicious [INSERT CUISINE HERE] food and would love for you to try it. I'm offering $15 off your first 2 orders when you order using my link: [INSERT GIVE-GET REFERRAL CODE HERE] and I'd greatly appreciate it if you could leave reviews and feedback on my food. I look forward to serving you my delicious, homemade food.

Promoting your food business on WhatsApp can be a great way to connect with your local community and get the word out about your delicious food. By following these steps and keeping your community updated, you can build your reputation, attract new customers, and grow your business on Shef. Good luck!

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