How-To: Creating Promotional Codes
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Promotional codes are a great way for you to attract customers to your menu! The promo codes you create through your Shef Dashboard will ONLY work for customers who are ordering from you/your menu via

Note: creating promo codes is completely optional. The discount you provide will be subtracted from your earnings for the order and Shef will not reimburse you if you create or distribute promo codes in error.

How to create a promo code:

  1. Go to the "Grow your Business" section of your Shef dashboard and click on the tab titled β€œPromotions" to begin. Click the "Create a promo code" button, fill out the required information, and then click "Submit" to create your code.

  2. After creating your promo code, you can share it on your social channels or with personal contacts! Click the "Share a Promo" dropdown and select the code you'd like to share.

  3. To see all of your active or past promo codes, click the "Manage promo codes" button in the "Promotions" tab.



The actual code a customer will submit at checkout to receive a discount


Discount amount (in dollars or percent) that you're providing


Total number of people that can use this code (e.g., first 20 people)


Maximum number of times each customer can use the code (e.g., one time per customer)


Date the code will expire


If you check this box, any customer browsing our website will be able to use this promo code if they purchase from your menu. We have a section on the homepage dedicated to featuring shefs with public promo codes. This is a great way to attract new customers who are looking for a good deal!
πŸ’‘ If you want your code to be private and not show on your public menu, uncheck the checkbox saying "Show This Promotion on home page"

Removing/Disabling a promo code:

Go to the "Promotions" section of your Shef dashboard and scroll down until you see the "Manage Promo Codes" button. On the far right side of each promo code will be a "Disable?" column. There, you can disable or turn off a code by clicking the trash can symbol.

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