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For shefs using hubs and drop-off locations
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The following information applies to all shefs who are using Shef hubs or drop-off locations (Bay Area, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Jersey, New York, and Seattle).

How Deliveries Work:

  • The entire delivery process happens on the day you have the order scheduled. If you receive orders for an upcoming Sunday, you should plan to drop those orders off on Sunday morning, and customers will receive their food by Sunday afternoon/evening.

  • The day before each delivery day, you will receive a summary email with all of your orders, so that you can cook, cool, and package all of your orders for the upcoming day. Remember that all of your food will be delivered at refrigerated temperatures (33°F - 41°F) for safe transport.

  • On the morning of each delivery day, you will bring all of your orders together to drop off at the location you have selected in your Shef Dashboard. Drop-off times for most drop-off locations fall between 8-11am, though hours vary per location. You can double check your drop-off location, address, and drop-off times in the My Profile page of your Shef Dashboard.

  • No matter which drop-off point you select, you will be able to serve customers across the entire city/market. It is very important to drop off your orders during the shef drop-off time window so that we have enough time to complete the deliveries to your customers.

Finding Your Drop-Off Location and Times:

Head to your Shef Dashboard and go to 'My Profile' Section. When you scroll down, you will see an area with the title 'Your delivery hub' - your Hub's address is right below the Hub's name.

On Your First Delivery Day:

Please package and label all of your orders in our insulated Shef bags and bring everything to your selected drop-off location.

Very important: Please be sure to cool your food down to 41F and include 2 frozen water bottles as ice packs in each delivery bag. If you drop off orders that do not meet these food safety guidelines, we will be forced to cancel your orders and refund the payment to your customers. Baked goods that do not need refrigeration are the only exception.

On your first delivery day, show up at your selected drop-off location and a member of our team will be waiting for you!

After Your First Delivery Day:

  • You may request additional delivery bags and label sheets as needed.

  • You will be responsible for buying your containers and water bottles. We recommend that you stock up on these supplies right after your order delivery day.

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