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Shefs Using Dropoff Hubs AND Door-to-door Delivery
Shefs Using Dropoff Hubs AND Door-to-door Delivery
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This information only applies to shefs who have the option to utilize drop off hubs and door-to-door pickup delivery. This option is only available to a very limited amount of locations at this time.

To see if you are able to use both delivery options, check the "My Profile" page of your Shef Dashboard. If you see a section titled "Your delivery hub", and a section titled "Order Fulfillment Options", with the ability to select "I will use door-to-door delivery", then you are able to use both options at the same time.

Using both options gives more customers the ability to order from your menu. Customers within the hub's delivery zone will be able to receive deliveries on days the hub is open, and customers within the pickup location you set will be able to receive orders from your menu on days the hubs are closed.

How does it work?

Enabling Door-to-Door delivery will require you to fulfill orders in two manners:

  1. By dropping off some orders to your designated hub as usual

  2. By handing off other orders to delivery drivers as they pick up from your cooking location

How do I set this up?

Once you’ve let us know that you would like to be a part of our program, Enabling Door-to-Door delivery requires a few additional steps:

  • Go to your My Profile page. You will see a new section called “Order Fulfillment Options”. Add an address, a set of instructions for the delivery drivers, and a preferred time window when drivers should pick up orders. The more time windows you select, the more likely customers are to order from you. Be sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the screen after adding any new information.

How will I know when I have door-to-door deliveries?

You are still responsible for dropping off your hub orders at your designated hub. Because of this, we indicate in your Shef Dashboard which orders are hub orders and which are Door-to-Door orders.

How will delivery day work?

Here's an overview of how the delivery day works for door-to-door delivery:

  • Prepare your orders in the same manner as you do for your hub orders.

  • On delivery day, we will automatically schedule drivers to pick up all of your Door-to-Door orders from the address in your Shef Dashboard, during the pickup windows you have selected. You can expect 1 delivery driver for each customer, from a range of delivery companies in your area. Please ensure your orders are ready for pick-up by the start of your pick-up window.

  • You will receive text message alerts when a driver is en route for each order. Please double-check the customer name with each driver when they arrive.

  • You will receive text message alerts when each order is delivered to the customer.

  • You will be paid as normal through your Stripe account, 1 day after each order is delivered.

Do I need to take food to a hub or drop-off location?

Yes, you still need to fulfill your normal hub drop-off orders. Your dashboard will indicate whether an order is a Hub delivery or will be picked up from your location.

How should I package the orders?

You should package your orders in the exact same way as you package your hub-based deliveries. Use a Shef insulated bag with frozen water bottles. Print labels and apply labels to the bags.

How many drivers will pick up my orders?

You can expect 1 delivery driver for each customer. Please double-check the customer name with each driver. The drivers will be different every time because they are coming from a range of delivery companies in your area.

Can I change the pick-up time window?

You can choose one or more of the available time window options in your Shef Dashboard. Choosing more than one option allows each customer to select their preferred time window at checkout.

Tip: 3:00-5:00 pm tends to be the most popular choice for customers!

How will payments work?

Shef will continue to use Stripe to process and deposit your payments for each order directly to your bank account. Shef has a 25% take rate for each order to cover the cost of delivery.

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