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Applying promo codes

Promo codes that apply automatically

Two types of promos are applied to your cart automatically, so they do not need to be manually entered:

  1. Free delivery promos

    1. You will automatically receive free delivery if your subtotal after any promos are applied exceeds the amount required for free delivery (currently $40 in most markets).

  2. New user promos

    1. If you are a new user and use a promo code that is valid for multiple orders (for example, $50 off 5 orders), then the promotion will automatically apply to all orders after your first order.

    2. For the first order, you may need to manually apply the promo code to your cart.

Promo codes that must be manually applied

With the exception of free delivery promos and discounts for new user promos that are valid for multiple orders, all other promo codes must be applied manually at checkout.

Manually apply a promo code by following these steps:

  1. Once you've finished adding items to your card, click "Checkout".

  2. Scroll down to the "Promo code or Gift card" section.

  3. Type your promo code into the grey box that says "Promo Code."

  4. Click "Apply".

How to tell if your promo code was correctly applied

If you have correctly applied the promo code or gift card, then you will see this in 2 places:

  1. The grey box under "Promo code or Gift card" will say that the promo has been applied to your cart.

    Image of promo code box
  2. The Payment section of your cart will have a line item for the promo code or gift card that you applied. It will state the exact promo code that was applied and the amount that you saved by using the promo code.

If you do not see the discount amount reflected in your order subtotal, then the promo code was not successfully applied.

Forgot to apply a promo code

Promo codes must be applied at checkout. Unfortunately, if you forget to apply a promo code, it is not possible for us to retroactively apply it. If you forget to apply your promo code at checkout or find a promo code after ordering, you can either save the promo code for a future order or cancel your order and reorder with the promo code applied.

Errors when entering promo codes

All of our promo codes have restrictions and expiration dates on their use. Most of the time, if you receive an error when attempting to apply a promo code, it is because the promo code is either expired or you are attempting to use a promo code that either you or your order are not eligible for.

Expired promo codes - Expiration dates are firm. If your promo code has already expired or has been disabled, we will not issue you another one or otherwise apply a discount to your order.

If you receive an error when entering a promo code:

  • You will be shown an error message that will explain why the promo code was not applied.

  • If you believe that there was a technical issue and that the promo code should have been applied to the order, our support team can review the case and extend you a new promo code if appropriate.

  • We will only extend you a new promo code in the case of a technical issue. We are not able to override the terms of the original promotion.

Promo code used on a cancelled order

When an order is refunded and a promo code was used, the code will automatically be reinstated. That way, you can apply the same promo code to a future order. The only exception to this is if a code has expired.

Promo codes for new users

If you are new to Shef, then we will extend you a promo code for a discount on your first order. This code will be applied to your account automatically when you create your account. Please note that you will not see the promo reflected in your order subtotal until after you enter your delivery address.

Please note: If you have ordered from Shef before, then you will not be eligible for a new user promo, even if you create a new account.

Trial shef promos

During this trial period, customers who are enrolled in our Trial Shefs program are able to receive a discount for ordering from trial shefs and rating all dishes in their order.

How trial shef promos work:

  • When a new shef joins the platform, they start a trial period. The trial period helps new shefs get customers quickly and also helps us evaluate the quality of a new shef's food.

  • If you are enrolled in the trial shefs program, when you order from a trial shef, you will be eligible to receive a $15 promo code. These promo codes are emailed automatically.

  • If you order from multiple shefs at a time, you will be eligible for a trial shef promo if there are any dishes from trial shefs included in your order.

  • You will only receive the $15 trial shef promo if you:

    • Rate every dish in the order, including those from non-trial shefs, and

    • Write a public review for every trial shef in the order

Customers who are eligible to join the Trial Shefs program will be extended an invitation to join automatically. If you do not receive an invitation, we are not able to opt you in to the Trial Shefs program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why wasn't the promo automatically applied to my cart?

  • For promos that apply automatically, you will not see the promo reflected in your order subtotal until after you enter your delivery address.

  • When you sign up or click on a link that automatically applies a promo, you must place your order using the same device you were using when you applied the promo. If you try and switch from one device to another, the promo will disappear.

  • If you're using a promo that was good for multiple orders, you'll need to place your order from the same device you used for the first order.

I don't have a new user promo, but would like one.

  • You can apply the code FIRST50 to receive $50 total off your first 5 orders. Please note that this will not work if you have ever ordered from Shef before, even if you create a new account.

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