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How Shef Works
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Shefs pride themselves in preparing their meals with fresh, local ingredients! All meals will arrive cold and depending on where you're located it'll be packed in an insulated bag with frozen water bottles. Each dish will have a label that includes a "best by" date (typically 2-3 days from the date of arrival). Feel free to heat them up for dinner or put them in the refrigerator to enjoy later—completely up to you! If you'd like your meals to last longer, we suggest freezing them to enjoy when you're ready! Just heat, eat…and repeat!

Getting started is easy!

  1. Enter your zip code on our homepage at

  2. Use the search bar to browse by dishes or scroll through cuisines, shefs, and dishes.

  3. Select your shef and delivery date.

  4. Start adding dishes to your cart to build your order.

  5. Click "View Cart" to add your delivery information, and select your delivery window, add promo codes, payment details, and tip amount. Once you enter your address, you will receive a final confirmation on whether we deliver to your exact address.

  6. Click "Place Order".

Please Note: If you have encountered an error at checkout indicating that your address is not within our service range, that usually means that your address falls outside the delivery area that our third-party delivery partner can service. While we may service your zip code, there are range limits as to how far our delivery partners can deliver. Please know that we are continually expanding our delivery areas and that we look forward to serving you in the future!

Portion sizes:

Portion sizes vary, but the average dish is typically 12 ounces (usually enough for one serving). The portion sizes are stated in every dish description on the website. Please note: portion size refers to the container size, not the weight of the food on a scale.


Shef App:

Currently, we have an app for both Apple and Android mobile devices.

You can search in the App or Play Store for Shef - Homemade Food Delivery. Our team is committed to ensuring that your experience on our desktop and mobile site is as seamless as possible.

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