Personal Meal Plans
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The Problem We're Solving

Many customers find themselves overwhelmed by the time and effort required to order meals on Shef. With busy schedules and unexpected events, it's easy to forget to plan meals in advance.

Our Solution: Personal Meal Plans

How Personal Meal Plans Work for Customers:

  1. Curated Meal Plans: Customers subscribe to receive a personalized weekly meal plan, curated based on their unique preferences.

  2. Weekly Control: Customers choose what they want to eat every week. They can order the same food every week, or switch it up every time!

  3. Flexible Scheduling: Customers have the freedom to skip orders or cancel their subscription at any time before the designated cutoff period.

Launch Details: Shef Subscriptions is available in the Bay Area and Chicago, with Seattle coming in January 2024. To start, our focus will be exclusively on Indian cuisine.

An Exclusive Opportunity for Shefs

A select group of shefs have been hand-picked to be part of the personal meal plan product. Selection criteria included:

  • Outstanding star ratings and reviews.

  • A 0% or very low order cancellation rate.

  • A high frequency of repeat orders from customers.

  • Exceptional food photographs and competitive pricing.

Why This Matters for Shefs:

  1. More Exposure

    • Only a select number of shef profiles will be showcased, enhancing your visibility to customers

    • If early versions of this product are successful, this may be the primary way customers shop from Shef in the future

  2. Higher Earnings

    • Boost your earnings and connect with customers who want to order food on a regular basis

However, it's crucial to consistently meet customers' expectations in terms of quality, value, and reliability. Your continued commitment to these principles will determine the success of Shef Subscriptions.

Packaging and Portion Guidelines for Personal Meal Plans

  • Standardized Packaging: All participating shefs will use deli containers for most dishes.

  • We'll provide an initial batch of these containers to get started, but over the longer-term, shefs will need to purchase these containers independently.

  • You can purchase recommended packaging from the links on this page.

Portion Sizes:

The following portion sizes are required for subscription dishes:

  • Curries, dals, soups

    • 16 oz. (1 serving)

    • 32 oz. (2 servings)

    • 48 oz. (3 servings)

    • 64 oz. (4 servings)

  • Rice or noodle main dishes

    • 24 oz. (1 serving)

    • 48 oz. (2 servings)

    • 72 oz. (3 servings)

    • 96 oz. (4 servings)

  • All other dishes should be sufficiently portioned so that 90% of customers feel full, with some likely having leftovers.

  • Every dish should contain at least 6 oz. of protein

  • Containers should be filled to 95% of their capacity

Non-standard packaging may be necessary in some cases, but will require prior approval.

Additional Insights for Shefs Included in Personal Meal Plans


  • We are still testing different pricing for subscriptions

  • For now, you will still earn the same amount that you normally would on each dish

  • Eventually we will need to adjust prices. We can select together which dishes should be included based on cost when the time comes.

Reliability is Key

  • As a true meal planning service, customers are counting on us to feed their families

  • Remember to double check you’ve prepared all customer orders at the right quantities

  • Avoid canceling!

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