Getting a Food Handler's Certificate
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All Shef applicants are required to submit proof that they have successfully passed a certified food safety exam. Depending on region, we will accept food handler cards, food manager certificates, etc. The form you submit must state your name and a valid expiration date.

Remember that all shefs are required to comply with local laws and regulations, so please double check to make sure you are also following local requirements. You may be able to find general information for your area here, but please do your own research as well.

Here is an example of an ANSI-accredited food handler certificate:

**The certificate may look different depending on the state it is issued in.


Where can I get the certificate?

Requirements may vary in each state, but you typically need to take an online course that takes approximately 75 mins to complete. Once you have studied for it, you will be able to take an online test. If you score more than 70% and pass, you will receive a digital copy of your food handler certificate. Please save it on your computer as a PDF or print it.

Here are a few websites that shefs have previously used to receive their ANSI-accredited certificates in various states:

If you already have a food handler card or food manager certificate, you can submit a picture or a scanned copy of your document. Please make sure the photo or scan clearly displays your name and the expiration date.

How do I submit a copy of my certificate to Shef?

  1. Click on the My Profile page on your Shef Application.

  2. Scroll down to upload a copy of your certificate. The file must be in PDF or JPEG format.

  3. Set the expiration date. If your document doesn't expire (for example: New York City Food Protection Certificates), simply choose an available date option that is far into the future.

  4. Click "Upload Certificate."

  5. After your document is successfully uploaded, click the "Save Shef Profile" button at the bottom of the screen.



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